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About Angel's Spells and White Magic

I have carried out Angel Magic as well as other types of spell work and rituals for many years. This is my longest running and my original website, closely followed by my  website my spell work is by agreed donation for castings/rituals . For longer or ongoing cases where work is requested we will be able to arrange a suitable donation between us.

This website is under reconstruction.

All my spells are personalised for your individual needs, and all casts are tailored to suit your situation. I am a professional white witch and clairvoyant and this for me is not a hobby, but a way of life and you can be assured of my best and most powerful efforts and purest intentions in resolving your case. I use only the finest materials and ingredients in my workings.

If you already know what you want, and do not want to delay matters and are ready to book and go ahead then you can fill in the form and make your donation. The amount of work that can be carried out on your case will be linked to the donation, you will always get excellent value for money as I will work to use the donation carefully with just a very little for my time. Of course the material costs and the other associated costs with the payment processing have to be covered with a little for my time, but I always use all of your donation to do as much work as I can for you and if there is the need for more work then we can agree the further cost but I will always endeavour to do the spell to the highest level for you each time so that we can achieve as much as possible for your donation.

The vast majority of the magical work I do is in line with angelic energies. I use my own system which I have perfected over many years. My white magic spell list is on this page, please click here. if you need advice or help in any way before looking at a spell please contact me here.It is known only to a few people and those people are ones that have worked along side me. I am not suggesting that I am the only person working angel magic! far from it, it has become fashionable now to do this type of angelic spell work. But there is a very limited amount of people that know the methods that I use. I keep it this way on purpose!


I find that this type of work has a high success rate and I have a strong relationship with my angelic helpers, I call upon the angels close to you, the ones around me and the higher energies that help with specific things. this way we are getting the right help for the job. this all takes time and I do not work quick fixes! This is because it is not normally possible to put a situation right instantly that has taken a long time to get to the rocky position that people come to me in. we have to travel back to a neutral position before moving back into the positive position that you are hoping for.

The work I do is serious stuff and not for the merely curious or people who do not care either way. These ones normally fail to come to fruition anyway as the higher powers know when we are serious about something. They often want us to put in effort of our own which they will then match. I am often told during a ritual that I also need to look at something else or should tell the client to look at an aspect that may have slipped their notice. This is sometimes the key to getting the ideal result. Our angelic friends want us to be happy, they do not want to see us in pain and if they can help us they will. But we have to ask....I work magic for all sorts of problems and situations, but not all of them are stated on this web site. If you feel that there is a problem that you would like help with then please do ask. I will give you an honest opinion. If you are looking for an Angelic Ritual then please email me with the following details and I will reply to tell you if I feel I can help you. The initial advice is free but of course I am unable to do the workings free of charge!


A lot of my work is also based on healing techniques, sometimes this is enough to correct a situation and a full spell will not be needed. If you have a problem that you would like me to look at but are unsure about entering into the realms of spell work, then this is often a good way to start. Healing by distance is free of charge anyway so you have nothing to lose! I am an experienced healer and I use crystal, reiki and colour healing in my work.

Some people want magic done, some people shy away, I know that my way of working is safe, it does not use force. I have perfected a system that allows people to reconsider their actions, not through force but by talking to them on a much higher level. If you have religious views that would stop magic from being done then perhaps the angel magic is for you…if you fancy something a different I work with goddess energy and the moon as well so there is no limits here. A lot of people think angels are "namby pamby" and all "new age" stuff, that is their view and they are entitled to it. My own experiences have shown me that these great beings are wonderful and wise helpers who truly are around us.I will not however undertake any revenge workings so please move on now if that’s what you are looking for. I should also point out that I do not guarantee magic, there are plenty that do and you may want to try your luck with them, but I was taught that we are asking favours from the higher powers, Angels, and Gods and the Goddess, not listing demands. This knowledge has always served me well, and I know from experience that guarantees on magic are as hard to give as a promise it will not rain tomorrow! I have an ethical view on magic and its capabilities and I have been very successful with my methods.

I will need to know;

Full name,

Date of birth,

And the same for anyone else you are asking about.

A little background information is helpful too. I will complete some divinations and then let you know if I am able to help you. Please send this through to me from the contact page.